Quarta-feira, 22 de Outubro de 2014

City break at Berlin

We went, the three of us, to Berlin for a long weekend break.

Berlin is special, in deed a different German city, with a complete unique style of living and culturally very rich.

For us, as family, it was also rich in family touristic attractions, like the Tierpark, the Zoo and the city itself has many public playgrounds for a short break for kids.

In the past, 3 days to visit a city would be enough for us to run all the main spots, with a kid the story is something else. So, we walked the East side Wall and climbed the TV Tower.

Berlin is without a doubt a city to go back, maybe in the summer and explore more the trendy areas and nightlife.

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Segunda-feira, 25 de Agosto de 2014

Summer in Portugal... with a toddler

So, two years later we came back as 3 to enjoy summer in Portugal. As I said here Portugal is great, especially in the Summer.

This time, the kid was - already - with us, so the summer end up obviously a bit different, but at the same level of greatness :)


Portugal is blessed by the "terrific" Atlantic Ocean and that brings all the good and bad things of a wild ocean:

- cold water

- challenging waves

- amazing, long, spacious, wild and friendly sandy beaches

- Almost constant and welcome Altlantic breeze

- the best of seafood and fresh fish

- ... and so on.


All this continues to be aplicable even when one has a 20 months young toddler, if you dont believe it, check the pictures to see how much fun he had!


Going back to the subject, we discovered two new beautiful beaches: Praia do Carrascal in Costa Vicentina, not far from Zambujeira do Mar and Paredes de Vitoria in Costa de Prata, very near Sao Pedro de Moel. We have travelled a lot and many times in Portugal and every time we find something new. How cool is this?! :)


Quick summary: after our arrival we stayed almost a week in our hometown (Cascais @Estoril Coast), spend a weekend with friends in Sao Pedro de Moel, went for 5 days to Praia da Barra, travelled back to Cascais for a couple of days just before going south to Vila Nova de Mil Fontes with stunning beaches nearby, like Praia do Malhao and Praia do Carrascal. On our trip back to Cascais we have made a stop over in one of the most popular beaches of Portugal: Praia da Comporta situated on the limits of Sado Estuary Natural Reserve where also Troia is located.


As usual, the pictures to remember.



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Terça-feira, 15 de Julho de 2014

Mundial de Futebol e os conquistadores

Já está! O mundial acabou e a Alemanha ganhou bem.

Portugal esteve incapaz de fazer um jogo em condições e teve três oportunidades... isto deixa-me decepcionado e vá, triste também. O Campeonato do Mundo só acontece de 4 em 4 anos, nem sempre lá vamos e quando temos a felicidade de lá estar não vamos preparados. Mostra uma grande falta de profissionalismo, de dedicação e, acima de tudo, inteligência.

Lembro-me bem que no Europeu de 2012 nos apresentamos bem melhor, fomos às meias-finais e perdemos nos penaltis com a campeã Espanha. Mostrámos organização, capacidade física e uma equipa com qualidade suficiente para potenciar as individualidades. Dois anos depois não tínhamos nada!

Para um mundial disputado em condições diferentes como as encontradas no Brasil tínhamos necessariamente que ter a inteligência para ser capaz de adaptar o nosso jogo, preparar (e não recuperar) os atletas, prevenir (e não remediar) más condições físicas. E não há desculpa, afinal foi uma equipa da Europa (fria) a ganhar o campeonato.

Para mim só pode haver um culpado: o responsável técnico e a sua equipa, ou seja o Paulo Bento. É definitivamente frustrante ter alguns dos melhores jogadores do mundo (incluindo o melhor) e não ser capaz (inteligente) de preparar a equipa para um campeonato do mundo. É definitivamente triste! Aliás, se olharmos bem, a fase de grupos de um mundial tende a ser teoricamente mais fácil que a fase de grupos dos europeus, mas não percebendo bem porque, nos mundiais andamos sempre aos papeis. Mais uma vez se confirma, sendo a excepção no de 2006.

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Domingo, 15 de Junho de 2014

Dalmatian - almost road trip


We went for 5 days to Croatia, from Split to Dubrovnik, passing by Hvar Island.

And it was great!

In Split we spent a day and one night - the old town is good, with shops and restaurants, all reachable within a short walk.

The next day we moved (boat) to Hvar Island to spend two nights and 3 days - great choice! We stayed in Hvar town but rented a motor bike to explore the island, check some desert bays, sandy beaches, other towns and I really recommend it!

Back to Split to catch the bus to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is famous and it is a must in most of the Croatian tour guides and, well, it deserves. Is a wonderful city, made for tourists. It has beaches just around the corner, one can wonder around the old town on the castle wall, enjoy the view, sunset and the late afternoon breeze. So, it is in fact a must.

To share the memories, as usual, see the pictures here.


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Domingo, 1 de Setembro de 2013

Barcelona weekend break

We went for a city break in Barcelona - our first days away from the little one.

Barcelona is a well know city, mostly popular for Gaudi architecture and the livly atmosphere. Well, and this is it, plus it has a beach around the corner.

Pichtures below.


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Quarta-feira, 5 de Setembro de 2012

Portugal in the Summer

Do you know that typical question that one makes when arrives to a new city? "where is good to go out around here?"

I am very confident that if a friendly Alien would arrive to Planet Earth and ask - to God? - the same question, the answer would be - without any hesitation - Portugal!

The most western European country is a must for any tourist that likes culture, good food, warm and sunny weather, fresh and breezy cost line, white or gold sandy beaches, warm people, diversity of cultures, flavors and smells from Africa and the Arab world. Well, and on top of this we have an amazing European infrastructure.

If you dont believe me, just go there. Meanwhile you can check my pictures, real pictures, of daily live in Portugal.


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Domingo, 6 de Maio de 2012

London, the big city

We went for a city break to London.

London is what one can call "The big City": everything is happening there, cinema, live music, museums, expositions and a lot of people running around... and people from everywhere, including Londeners.

I believe it is not a city easy to live in, but to visit it is great, the international food is wonderful and varied, the cultural events are many and big, the history is there handing hands with the future.

At the end it was a good weekend, but tuesday I was happy (maybe just tired) to be back home!


The photos are our memory:


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Quinta-feira, 5 de Abril de 2012

Marsa Alam, land of sun

We went for a week to Marsa Alam, Egypt.

As usual, holidays are always short, but these ones were honestly too short. We take the chance to do a diving course (we are Open Water Certified Divers!!) and it made us busy for almost 3 days. Not complaining about it, but it was a bit of an effort during a supposed relaxed days. But it is done and I recomend it: it is a great feeling to breathe under water and down there one can see and find a new world full of life and color.

For the memories, here it is the Gorgonia beach Photo Album:




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Quarta-feira, 19 de Outubro de 2011

Milano, fashion city

We went for a city break to Milano!

Nice and sunny, that is what we need. About the city, I can say that it is a mix between central europe and south europe, it has great food, great infrastructures, old buildings, shopping streets, tourists... all.

And the pictures are nice! See below. 


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Sexta-feira, 7 de Outubro de 2011

Teixeirinha's in Belgium

Patricia Parents visited us!

It was a nice weekend in Belgium, full of sun, food and joy. Ok... and some beer.

We passed by Brugge, a nice and small town. Great for a quick visit and beautiful old city sceneries.

On our way back we passed by Brussels, the European Capital. Here, one can find a friendly and cosmopolitan city, plenty of old buildings, the European Congress and, most of all, people from everywhere, from all races and styles. I would say, this is the magic of Europe!

Memories...? Here are the pictures. 

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